Who we are



What is unique in our startup si the dream team: one PhD neurobiologist, one PhD biotechnologist and a Bio-nanomaterial graduated engineer. The overall company vision is huge and complete. Excellent science first, made by an excellent team, never stopping, highly jumping, running with blood on our knees to accomplish projects and challenges. You know? We did not become a University spin-off. It is deeply hard for a biotech startup not incubated in an already-equipped facility, since expensive instrumentation and machinery are required to accomplish experiments and then join projects: it is not enoght to have a notebook and wifi. We choose to spin out academia, in order to be completely free to investigate the nature of our enterprise, and to be the only responsible for intellectual property deriving from our job. Is it hard? Yes, it is. We found other strategies to overcome this main issue, namely, we partnered an academia Surgery Lab in a joint project, so we share their lab equipment, bench tops and facilities, necessary for our projects, and we give back our work for the projects of the labs. This way, we are fully and exclusive owners of what we produce, and of course co-owners of what is developed with our host lab. Moreover, we are not in charge with other boring stuff as compliance and insurance issues. Definitely, we are testing our MVP al the lowest budget, in order to apply for patents, grants, and come to crowdfunding stage within 2018.

So far, we demonstrated full committment to Nanomnia, we devoted all our efforts self-funding this challenge, and we are now approching this further funding mile for a successful growth. Strengh is not enough. Resilience, humbleness, faith, vision and deep basic serenity : this is Nanomnia. Together with something really cool which is yet to come.