Nano and microtechnologies

Nanomnia designs and synthesizes biodegradable and biocompatible organic nanoparticles, in which active principles are encapsulated for the targeted delivery to a specific biological tissue, being it animal, plant or human.

Nanomnia’s current encapsulation products has a wide variety of applications and provides them with many opportunities for future growth. The main areas of application will focus on pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutraceutics and agritech applications.

Due to their extremely small size, nanoparticles can cross cell membranes and They are to target a specific cell populatio. Due to these factors the amount of active ingredients in a compound to be reduced between 10-100 times when encapsulated.

The targeting result enhances biological response to the active compound and restricts its effects to the targeted cells reducing waste, toxicity, and costs.

Innnovation is achieved through biotechnology, on these sides:

  • Biodegradability and biocompatibility of the encapsulating “shell” polymer in the target tissue, human, animal or plant;
  • Stability of encapsulated compound in the target tissue;
  • Optimized size;
  • Modification of nanoparticle for specific targeting;
  • Optimized release profile in the target biological tissue.

This way, Nanomnia may create tailor-made nanoparticles with peculiar unique properties.

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